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Pinterest: Inexpensive Place Cards

I found these inexpensive, hand-written place cards to be absolutely adorable. Using what is already available at the table (a fork), you’ll save on the place card holders. My advice? Whatever the shape, avoid manually cutting it out with scissors. Either purchase pre-made shapes or utilize a paper puncher (like this one). Manually cutting the shapes will be time consuming and it just won’t look as nice! Happy Crafting…

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Pinterest: An interesting use for Place Cards

I think by now you know here at eventsbyi, we love double-duty! Check out the place card below that is also…..drumroll please…..a picture puzzle! Incredibly creative. But how embarrasing for those who don’t show up O_o.

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Tip #16: Money Saving Tips for Printed Menus

If you’re planning a wedding, gala, or other dinner event, chances are you are thinking about printing menus. Here are some money-saving ideas to consider before you print.

  1. Double Duty: If you’re planning a wedding or baby shower, print the menus on photo paper and include a photo of the couple on the back. Make sure you use a frame-friendly size like 4×6 or 5×7. Guests can take it home to have it framed.
  2. Ad Space: Sell the back of the menu as ad space or offer it as part of a sponsorship package.
  3. Use Less: You don’t need 1 menu at every single seat. Consider printing only 2 or 3 per table. You can even make the menu part of the decor by framing it and placing it on display. The cost savings are minimal if it’s a 50-person event, but if you’re planning an event for 800, the savings can really add up.
  4. Print only the Main Menu: If you have pre-ordered special meals at your event, such as Kosher or Vegetarian options, do not advertise this on a menu. Your banquet meal will turn into restaurant service and you’ll either (a) run up a ridiculously high bill with all the extra meals the kitchen had to prepare or (b) the guests that are supposed to be receiving the special meal, won’t get it because someone else already ate it.
  5. More Double Duty: Use your menus as place cards!


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