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Pinterest: Manzanita Branch Centerpiece without the Vase

No vase? No flowers? No budget?… No problem! These centerpieces are incredibly inexpensive. For the cost of a branch, spray paint, and a few props, you can have yourself a pretty charming centerpiece. I would recommend something┬áthese with family-style table seating (rectangular tables) versus rounds. If you want to work manzanita branches on a round table, you’ll need a vase.

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DIY: Manzanita Branch Centerpiece for about $20

Watch the instructional video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdVWPwHLb4w

We’ve been slow to post! Forgive us, it is busy season in the event world after all! But fear no more, we’re bringing you a few DIY event decor projects on a budget as promised! First up: A Manzanita Branch Centerpiece.

Any centerpiece not requiring the use of fresh flowers will always be less expensive than a fresh flower option. Here, we used dried flowers to satisfy. We love this piece because for a low price, you get great height and color. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to assemble!

Here’s how it adds up:

  • 1 22″ Sanded Manzanita Branch… $9
  • 10 Dried Orchids… $4
  • 2 cups of Sand… or free if you live near a beach ;)… $2
  • Small┬ábag of Stones… $2
  • 1 Short Glass Vase… $5


The big ticket items here are the Manzanita Branch and Glass Vase. The dried flowers, sand, and stones, can be even cheaper depending on how many centerpieces you are putting together and how much in bulk you are buying. Happy Saving!

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