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Pinterest: Manzanita Branch Centerpiece without the Vase

No vase? No flowers? No budget?… No problem! These centerpieces are incredibly inexpensive. For the cost of a branch, spray paint, and a few props, you can have yourself a pretty charming centerpiece. I would recommend something these with family-style table seating (rectangular tables) versus rounds. If you want to work manzanita branches on a round table, you’ll need a vase.

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Pinterest: Paper Flowers

I can’t believe how magnificent these paper flowers look at the altar. This pin was a real find. Click through the pictures and find the DIY instructions to make this yourself. Surprisingly easy!

PS. Anyone else notice the playful groomsmen on the right? Must have been a fun wedding!


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Pinterest: Inexpensive Place Cards

I found these inexpensive, hand-written place cards to be absolutely adorable. Using what is already available at the table (a fork), you’ll save on the place card holders. My advice? Whatever the shape, avoid manually cutting it out with scissors. Either purchase pre-made shapes or utilize a paper puncher (like this one). Manually cutting the shapes will be time consuming and it just won’t look as nice! Happy Crafting…

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Pinterest: Signature Drink

I am a huge fan of events featuring a signature drink. This charming mason jar Pink Lemonade is perfect for an Afternoon activity, Luncheon, or Baby Shower! It’s easy to make with ribbons, labels, a mason jar, and a decorative straw. And at the average price of $1 each to PURCHASE mason jars (not rent, but actually buy), it’s very budget-friendly. When choosing a signature drink, make sure it is fitting to the event, the time of day, and it appeals to the guests in attendance. And be sure to personalize it with a name!

PS. We are also loving the DIY tissue pom poms in the back!

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Pinterest: Another Paint Sample Project

Yesterday, we showed you DIY heart garland using paint sample strips. Well, here’s another DIY project using paint samples to create a table runner. What a sweet idea!

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Pinterest: DIY Heart Garland

Probably one of the lowest cost decor items I’ve ever seen. For the cost of a needle and thread, you can have yourself some creative garland to hang at your next party. Just make sure you are hanging it against a wall. No need to show evidence of which paint store you grabbed these from!


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Pinterest: Painted Glass Bottles

Are you enjoying our featured Pinterest pins so far? If you haven’t jumped on the pinterest bus yet, join using your Facebook account here: www.pinterest.com.

Today, we discovered a creative way to recycle empty wine bottles and glass sauce jars. Spray paint the bottles and trim with ribbon for an instant assortment of flower vases. Great for home entertaining parties!


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Pinterest: Paper Flower Balls

We’ve decided that in April, we’ll feature more ‘how to’ DIY event decor projects on eventsbyi:the blog. The paper flower ball will be on our list. Looks like a great DIY project… for those who have patience!


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A DIY Budget Candelabra Set

If you’re ever in need of a quick and cheap candelabra to add lighting to your table, consider upside down wine and martini glasses! Below we’ll show you how to assemble a Candelabra centerpiece using Dollar Store bought items. We’ve used a pink and white color scheme, but the options are endless, so choose a color scheme that fits your space.

Here’s how it adds up:

  • 3 Assorted Glasses in varying heights… $3
  • 3 Candles… $3
  • 1 Bouquet of Fake Flowers… $1
  • 1 Silver Tray… $1 [optional; you can also place these ‘candelabras’ directly onto your table, the silver tray is to catch any drippings from the wax candles]


Step 1: Lay out your supplies. You’ll need a hot glue gun.

Step 2: Remove all the flowers from the stems.

Step 3: Hot glue gun the candles to the bottom of the wine and martini glasses.

Step 4: Take 2 flowers and hold them together with the stems facing one another.

Step 5: Delicately place the glass over the pair of flowers on top  of the silver tray. Continue for all 3 glasses. Scatter any remaining flowers on the tray.

And Voilda, you’re done!

Here are a few variations using other colors and doilies…

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February is DIY Decor Month at eventsbyi:the blog!

Did you know that the #1 New Year’s Resolution for 2012 was NOT “Lose Weight”? It was actually “Save Money.” In February, we’ll teach you how to decorate your event on the cheap! The Decor budget varies tremendously from event to event and if you’re not careful can add up quickly and easily. If you have the time and the support of your co-workers, friends, and family, consider doing it yourself and avoid paying that premium price to your decorator.

Before we get started, first thing is first… ask the Venue what complimentary decor elements they may already have. Many venues, especially Hotels, already have a standard inventory of wax candles, tealight votives, house centerpieces, or linens available for event use at no additional cost. Ask your Venue Manager how many of these will be available to use at your event and make it work with your event. And if you’re flexible on the theme or color scheme, choose a theme that already matches the venue space or their inventory of complimentary decor elements.

Stay tuned for some exciting DIY projects coming soon!

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