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Pinterest: Photo Booth Props

We all know how wildly popular photo booths have become… at weddings, company parties, galas, you name it. I fell in love with this Photo Booth Props pin on Pinterest. Easy to make and fully customizable to whatever your theme.


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Pinterest: Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blank activities call for fun laughs and memories. The one we found below was used at a wedding, but I’ve seen these used everywhere from business conferences to company outings to baby showers.

If you want to know what people have to say, these are a great way to get it out of them in an upbeat and lighthearted way. It is sure to spark laughter, but can also be very insightful. Have guests fill them out (anonymously or not) and depending on the point you’re trying to make, read them out loud at the event or save them to be posted on the company’s Bulletin Board or your own memory book.


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