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Pinterest: Another Paint Sample Project

Yesterday, we showed you DIY heart garland using paint sample strips. Well, here’s another DIY project using paint samples to create a table runner. What a sweet idea!

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Pinterest: Glamorous

No penny went unspent on the table decor below. From the real glass centerpieces to the custom rented drinkware to the table runner made of fresh, real flowers, you can tell this event had a nice budget to work with.

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Last Minute Bargain Table Runner Idea

It’s 2 days to Christmas, your entire family is coming over to your house this year for dinner and while you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen and making the ridiculous lines at the grocery store in preparation of the meal, it just hit you… you’ve done absolutely nothing to spruce up your dinner table. Fear not! Here’s a tip so effective and inexpensive, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of this before! This idea isn’t only for Christmas, but can be used all year long. Repeat the same concept for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, birthdays, baby showers, Halloween, the list goes on…

Supplies Needed: Wrapping Paper, Tape, Scissors.

Step 1: Size up the wrapping paper to your dinner table.
Tip: I recommend using a premium quality paper with a bold design.
(the one below features glitter!)

Step 2: Fold and tape the wrapping paper to the desired width.
Tip: Use the design to make sure you’re folding evenly.

Step 3: Position on the table and voila, you’re done!
Fill a vase with ornaments to create a centerpiece, add candles, and fill up the table with china and glassware to complete the look.

Step 4: (optional) Use leftover wrapping paper to wrap gift boxes for your guests and place them on the table.

Felt ornaments also make a great take home gift and add color to the table. We picked these up 3 for $1 at Target. Can’t beat that bargain!

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