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Pinterest: Manzanita Branch Centerpiece without the Vase

No vase? No flowers? No budget?… No problem! These centerpieces are incredibly inexpensive. For the cost of a branch, spray paint, and a few props, you can have yourself a pretty charming centerpiece. I would recommend something these with family-style table seating (rectangular tables) versus rounds. If you want to work manzanita branches on a round table, you’ll need a vase.

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Pinterest: Paper Flowers

I can’t believe how magnificent these paper flowers look at the altar. This pin was a real find. Click through the pictures and find the DIY instructions to make this yourself. Surprisingly easy!

PS. Anyone else notice the playful groomsmen on the right? Must have been a fun wedding!


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Pinterest: Inexpensive Place Cards

I found these inexpensive, hand-written place cards to be absolutely adorable. Using what is already available at the table (a fork), you’ll save on the place card holders. My advice? Whatever the shape, avoid manually cutting it out with scissors. Either purchase pre-made shapes or utilize a paper puncher (like this one). Manually cutting the shapes will be time consuming and it just won’t look as nice! Happy Crafting…

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Pinterest: In the Spirit of St. Patrick’s Day

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re posting our favorite ‘green’ pin of the day. We love the use of streamers in this DIY rainbow background. If only it led to a real pot of gold 😉

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Pinterest: Another Paint Sample Project

Yesterday, we showed you DIY heart garland using paint sample strips. Well, here’s another DIY project using paint samples to create a table runner. What a sweet idea!

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Pinterest: DIY Heart Garland

Probably one of the lowest cost decor items I’ve ever seen. For the cost of a needle and thread, you can have yourself some creative garland to hang at your next party. Just make sure you are hanging it against a wall. No need to show evidence of which paint store you grabbed these from!


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Pinterest: Painted Glass Bottles

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Today, we discovered a creative way to recycle empty wine bottles and glass sauce jars. Spray paint the bottles and trim with ribbon for an instant assortment of flower vases. Great for home entertaining parties!


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Pinterest: Glamorous

No penny went unspent on the table decor below. From the real glass centerpieces to the custom rented drinkware to the table runner made of fresh, real flowers, you can tell this event had a nice budget to work with.

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Pinterest: Paper Flower Balls

We’ve decided that in April, we’ll feature more ‘how to’ DIY event decor projects on eventsbyi:the blog. The paper flower ball will be on our list. Looks like a great DIY project… for those who have patience!


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Pinterest: Chandeliers on a Budget

I am adoring the great use of streamers in the colorful chandelier we came accross on Pinterest. What a great and inexpensive way to add color to a white back drop.

Do not be fooled, however, by the outdoor tent. We do not recommend trying these in an outdoor space unless you live in an area with Zero windspeeds year-round. I will be trying this in Miami for my next DIY event, but you can bet it will be in an indoor space!

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